Jiya Enterprises Blog http://www.jiyaenterprisesdelhi.co.in/blog/ Latest Products Sun, 19 May 2024 23:47:00 +0530 en-us http://www.jiyaenterprisesdelhi.co.in Why Should You Use Organic Dish Wash Liquids? http://www.jiyaenterprisesdelhi.co.in/blog/why-should-you-use-organic-dish-wash-liquids_8194.htm Wed, 19 Feb 2020 10:58:40 +0530 ‘Detoxification’ is a common word today. Why so? Today's pollution everywhere is the major reason behind that. To maintain a healthy life, you need to detoxify your life and the process starts from your home. Your concern is food. It’s a brilliant start but friends it’s just a part of the main equation. You should re-evaluate all the household things you use every day including those personal skin care products and the cleaning essentials especially your dishwashing liquids. Why it is so important?In the kitchen space, you cook food every day and kitchen utensils, countertops, etc. include several harmful germs and bacteria which come into contact with your hands and skin. You need to do dishwashing multiple times a day. Hence, your skin gets in touch with those dangerous acids and phosphates remaining in your dishwashing liquid. Those are not safe for your skin. Do you know that these products are damaging your kitchen utensils too rather than cleaning them? Natural alternatives!It is not only the dishwashing liquids but today every one of you is looking for a natural alternative for every cleaning detergent or liquid they use in their household. Organic dishwashing liquids make the best alternative as these include natural ingredients such as lemon, aloe vera and pure soap-nuts which are non-toxic, sustainable and offer natural aroma. Most such products are biodegradable too.Why organic dishwashing liquid?Human skin semi-permeable in nature thus toxins can easily enter through it. Such toxins like silicone, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, acrylate, coloring agents, foaming, etc. can be easily found in all sorts of non-organic or chemical-based dishwashing liquid products. But the truth is, their presence is not mandatory for cleaning dishes! These are not good for your health too. Getting in regular contact with such products, you may have allergic reactions. And, most importantly, these chemical products are not environment-friendly.Tips for buying dish wash liquid –• Buy products which include plant-based ingredients and not any petroleum-based elements. Most of the organic products contain orange oil, olive oil and lemon oil like natural elements. On the other hand, dish wash soaps contain diethanolamine and sodium lauryl sulfate like harmful synthetic chemicals.• Select the organic products which are free from artificial fragrances, foam builders, stabilizers, preservatives, and colorants.• Check the labels attached to the back of the bottles especially marked with ‘warning’, ‘danger’ or ‘caution’ marked. These mean they are not safe for use.Advantages of using liquid dish wash cleaner:Washing the kitchen utensils with organic dish wash liquids offer many advantages when compared with bar soaps such as,• Ease of use• Minimum exchange of microorganisms• Creates rich lather • It never gets mushy like the bar soaps • Contains lower pH than bar soapsHence buying products from any reputed organic dish wash liquid can manufacturers in Delhi is a smart decision. As most of those include plant-based components, they are very effective for cleaning. Most of these products often fit easily into your budget and on large orders, sellers provide extra discounts. Multi-Purpose Cleaner – The Magical Secret of Cleaning http://www.jiyaenterprisesdelhi.co.in/blog/multi-purpose-cleaner-the-magical-secret-of-cleaning_8534.htm Tue, 14 Apr 2020 14:00:20 +0530     Ssshh… I will tell you my cleaning secret; it can definitely save your money and time and also boosts those sustainability programs. To the best of everything, it makes an effortlessly available solution which is also cool to implement. Friends, it is multi-purpose cleaners. Okay, it is not a big secret to share but truly multipurpose cleaners are able to provide all those advantages you wish to have. Basically, often you people ignore the capabilities offered by a multipurpose cleaner and you concentrate on separating out different products having diverse uses. Please, there is no need for storing five different bottles of costly cleaners, when only one can serve the purpose. If the level on the bottle is saying that it is right for the task, don’t think much just spray it. What is a multipurpose cleaner? Manufacturers produce such products which are prepared for using on several distinct surfaces of different parts of the house. Well, though there are no specific standards set for which ingredients should be used in the production of a cleaner but they can be naturally called as a detergent, disinfectant, solvent or de-greaser. A range of multipurpose cleaner manufacturer companies in Delhi use separate balancing of ingredients for different surfaces. Any multipurpose cleaner contains some powerful chemicals to remove dirt from different sorts of surfaces. So, it is important to follow the instructions written on its label. Safety measures! Whenever you are going to use any domestic use cleaning products, carefully read the label attached with the bottle. It will keep you protected during the use as the product may include any harmful or corrosive chemicals. Following the precautions will make the entire cleaning work hassle free. Multipurpose Cleaner: Benefits • Glass cleaning and polishing is easy with a multipurpose cleaner. You just need a dry cloth. Spray the solution on the glass and make a gentle rub for cleaning it to avoid smear marks on it. • Bathroom areas and kitchen spaces include many steel, laminate and glass surfaces which are easy to clean multipurpose cleaners. • Most of such cleaning products include disinfectant chemicals and thus can comfortably be used to wipe kitchen slabs, food handling zones and fridge. • Usually to wipe the linoleum flooring or floor tiles, you need to dilute a specific amount of multipurpose cleaner in a bucket of hot water. But don’t forget to follow the instructions written on the bottle. • For removing marks from those painted walls? Well, test on a small portion first before applying it to the entire wall. It is necessary because you need to be sure that the abrasive chemical does not take away paint from the walls. Right? Though multipurpose cleaning manufacturer companies in Delhi demand for cleaning all the surfaces with their products, but normally these products fail to clean wooden surfaces. So, most of all purpose cleaners do have some limitations but the range of surface types they are able to clean efficiently deserve claps. So, in the place of buying multiple cleaning products, purchasing a multipurpose cleaner is definitely a smart choice.     How Cleaning Floor Help You Save Your Family And Loved One? http://www.jiyaenterprisesdelhi.co.in/blog/how-cleaning-floor-help-you-save-your-family-and-loved-one_9098.htm Thu, 23 Jul 2020 16:41:31 +0530 Cleaning your house and your surrounding is very essential. Children sit on the floor and play with their friends or with their toys. From ancient times, people sit on the floor and have their food many people still sleep on the floor, so, it becomes very necessary to clean the floor as there are many germs and bacteria which can come from people’s leg. In an earlier time, people used to mop the floors with clean water. But nowadays, there are many new types of chemicals and floor detergents available in the market that can help to eliminate any germs from the house, and at the same time, your floor retains its shiny surface. The chemicals consist of different types of herms like neem, lemon, etc. it also consists of different fragrances like rose, Jasmin, sandalwood, etc. Why Should You Use Floor Cleaners? The new floor cleaners are used to keep the house and office clean. These floor cleaners are invented by modern technology to keep the place sanitized and hygienic. The cleaning floor with the floor cleaner or solution will help you eradicate all types of germs, bacteria, protozoa, dirt, and other types of microorganisms. The Neemolex Floor Cleaner Manufacturer in Delhi produces the different types of floor cleaners. What Are The Benefits Of Regular Floor Cleaning? Whenever there is a visitor in your house, they will always look at the floor of your house, which makes the first impression of the person about you. Hence, besides keeping your house safe from germs, regular floor cleaning is very essential People always like to go to places which are clean and hygienic, they always want their workplace to be neat and clean. If their environment is dirty especially the floor of the office, it will affect their motivation to work. The clean floor will always give your guest and visitors the best impression. It also shows that you are very responsible and like to live a clean and clear life. Thus, it can help your relationships to grow better and in your work. A place where people are always walking in and out like the hospitals, malls, schools, colleges, etc. should always be kept clean as the germs which are being carried by different people can affect other person and it mainly transmits from the floor. Hence, cleaning your environment will help you prevent any disease. How Is Cleaning Floor Is Helping To Prevent Coronavirus? The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in millions of deaths. People are getting infected every day and the number is going up drastically. Many germs enter the house through the floor. Currently, doctors and health workers are always telling people to keep their houses and places clean. Disinfect your house every day to keep your family safe. Hence in this grave time, it is very essential to use these floor cleaners and other cleaners to keep your family safe. Many doctors and health workers are fighting to help people who are suffering in this pandemic. It is your responsibility to save your family and loved ones, so sanitize your floor and other parts of the house with Neemolex floor cleaner.  Different types of Cleaning Products Available In The Market http://www.jiyaenterprisesdelhi.co.in/blog/different-types-of-cleaning-products-available-in-the-market_9429.htm Mon, 05 Oct 2020 13:24:55 +0530 With the turn of the century, various diseases have started prevailing in our environment, making it difficult for people to live their life comfortably. Since Cleanliness is next to godliness, therefore maintaining proper hygiene everywhere will keep you away from diseases.Several products such as Black Deodorising Cleaner are designed to remove stains on the floor, hard water stains. These cleaning products help to make house dirt and stains free. The floor cleaner is thoroughly concentrated and it is widely used all across the country.Common areas to use cleaning products are Bathroom, Kitchen floors, Kitchen drains, Bathtubs. The Black Deodorising Cleaner is specially used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and residential houses.There are many Black Deodorising Cleaner Manufacturers in Delhi who offer high-performance products at the utmost reasonable rates to their customers. There are various types of household cleaning products available both online and offline market space. Listed below are a few types of cleaning products that are used in everyday life.• All-Purpose CleanersThere are mainly two types of all-purpose cleaners Abrasive cleaners and Non Abrasive cleaners. Abrasive cleaners are found in various kinds such as powder, liquid and scouring pads. While Non Abrasive cleaners are found in powder, liquid, and spray. Abrasive cleaners are designed to remove the heavy amount of soil from a small area while Non-abrasive cleaners can also contain antimicrobial agents to disinfect.• Speciality CleanerAs the name suggests these cleaners are designed for specific surfaces such as glass, bathroom surfaces, ovens, drains, metal, floors, etc. Speciality cleaners include products like Bleaches, Disinfectants, and Disinfectant Cleaners, Drain Openers, Hard Water Mineral Removers, etc. They are used for both residential and commercial purposes and deliver optimum performance and convenience.These cleaners also include furniture cleaners and polishes and Upholstery Cleaners. Specialty cleaners have become very popular in recent times and are easily available in any store near you. Since these cleaning products are high on performance, they save both time and energy and also cost-effective.• Other Cleaning AidsApart from all-purpose cleaners and specialty cleaners, there are several other types of cleaning aids that are used for everyday cleaning purposes. Ammonia and baking soda are an example of other cleaning aids and used for light cleaning tasks. Baking soda is used to deodorize refrigerators and freezers, where it destroys and also absorbs food odors while Ammonia leaves no solid residue as it dries, making it easy to rinse off completely.Using cleaning products every day will help keep you safe from diseases and infection. These products are not only cost-effective but high on performance too. But one must make sure to buy these cleaning products from a reputed brand as these products may contain harmful chemicals.It is always advisable to read full instructions before using the product to ensure safety. There are several, Black Deodorising Cleaner Suppliers in Delhi that offer bulk products at customer-friendly prices hassle-free. What Are The Advantages Of Regular Floor Cleaning? http://www.jiyaenterprisesdelhi.co.in/blog/what-are-the-advantages-of-regular-floor-cleaning_9491.htm Fri, 16 Oct 2020 15:12:02 +0530 Suppose a visitor has entered your house for the first time. The first thing he will notice is the cleanliness of the floor. The dull and stained floor will undermine your house's image no matter how much you care for your other household things. Improper care of the floor will upset the new visitor even if you decorate your house with new furniture, the lobby with beautiful plants, and even if your house glows with sparkling clean glass windows and doors.Therefore, you need to clean your house or office regularly so that your family members or employees are happy, productive, and healthy. Moreover, the clean floor will leave a good first impression on the visitors or potential customers. Clean the floor with Lavender Floor Cleaner which has long term benefits. The advantages of regular floor cleaning have been discussed below.Creates Good First ImpressionWhenever a new visitor enters your house and sees a stained floor, he thinks about your improper management of the household works. The stained floor is the symbol of an unhealthy house too. The thing is similar in the case of your office. A dirty floor or unpleasant odour from the floor may upset your employees. Even a new potential customer may be turned off when he sees a stained floor and thinks that the company is unprofessional.Provides SafetyClean floors not only make a good first impression on the new visitors but also improve the safety of everyone who enters your house. The dirty floor and improper maintenance of the floor may pose a serious threat to family members as well as employees. Cracked surfaces and slippery floors may lead to injuries and even expensive legal action.Maintains Fresh And Healthy EnvironmentIf your business faces the traffic density, your building will be a haven of germs. For example, hospitals, schools if improperly maintained can lead to the spread of diseases. So you should clean the floor of your business houses and your private home to maintain a fresh and healthy environment. Regular cleaning of the floor will ensure a healthier environment. If you have children in your house, the floor of the house gets dirty and stained very often. In this case, clean the floor frequently with Lavender Floor Cleaner.Improves Work EnvironmentThe clean floor boosts people to enjoy work in the workplace. Cleanliness maximizes employee's productivity. Clean floors improve the work environment and therefore encourage employees to work more resulting in employee productivity. Moreover, employees get the motivation to maintain a clean environment in the work place. Additionally, your employees will take fewer sick days owing to a clean floor and a clean environment.ConclusionWe, Lavender floor cleaner manufacturer in Delhi, supply high-quality floor cleaner at reasonable prices. You have already paid a lot of money to build your home or to construct your office building. Therefore, the building needs proper care. Your building's floor should be cared properly to avoid anything bad happening to your home or office. So, don't neglect floor cleaning and clean the floor regularly with quality cleaning liquid.